Thrifted: Gray Cover Up

One of my fashionable friends adds a new addition to her wardrobe every month.  She also shops for clothes that are on sale.  Feeling that my wardrobe needed some updates, I decided to adopt her approach.  I found out a few months ago that a local Goodwill tends to have some great dresses and shirts, so I headed there yesterday.  After an hour of trying on dresses and tops, I decided to buy this gray cover up with a built-in shirt-front.

I didn’t like the shirt-front, though.  It was too short, and I really just wanted the cover up.  So when I got home, out came the scissors!

I’m really happy with the result!  I think the shorter sleeves and lightweight fabric will make it an excellent transition piece when the seasons start to change.

Have you altered any thrift store finds?  What was the result?



  1. Awesome job Jen! I am very guilty of altering my new finds. I have learned That if you really like a great find but something about it isn’t just right. I think it through and decide whether or not I can adjust it to make it perfect. It usually works!!!

    • Linda, I remember shopping with you, and you found a jacket you liked. You said it would be perfect if you could take off the buttons, etc. We need to go to a thrift store together!

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