Thrift Store Sweaters

I made a long-anticipated trip to the thrift store today with the hopes of finding equestrian prep styles of clothes. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything of the sort, but it was still a great shopping day. I had fun trying on dark powder blue corduroys and a pinstripe button down, and I bought two sweaters.

This gold sweater rocked the dressing room.  It’s so sparkly – more so than in the picture.  Sorry about the wrinkles.  I wanted to get them out for the pic, but the tag said do not iron.  The shirt has side loops and a matching fabric tie belt, but I’m going to take off the loops, and I’ll use a leather belt if I want one.

This brown sweater dress is so sweet.  I also like the trendy turtleneck aspect, and that the turtleneck is loose.  Neck hugging turtlenecks are not my friends.  Because the dress is so short, I want to get some brown corduroys to wear under it.  Until then, jeans will work well.

brown sweater dress

Have you gone thrift store shopping lately?  What have you found?



    • Gracey, thanks for stopping by FYC. I hope the weather changes soon for you! I’m in Florida, but the air conditioning is so cold inside some buildings that I already wore one of my sweaters.

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