Ruffles and Lace {Day 1 of 31 Days of Fall Fashion}

Because my fashion sense tends toward a romantic style, I enjoyed seeing ruffles and lace on the runway, like this dress by Alberta Ferretti. The runway looks inspired me to put together a ruffled dress that I bought at New York & Company and a Charlotte Russe lace top that my fashionista friend gave to me. I also added my ruffly black flats.

black lace and ruffles

On its own, the dress looks sporty, which doesn’t fit my personality. Wearing the lace blouse over it transforms it into a romantic style. I also don’t usually wear black, but because the lace and ruffles give the outfit a romantic look, I just need a reason to wear it now!

Do you have ruffles and lace in your closet? How can you style them this fall?

31 days of fall fashion


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  1. Jennifer

    This is very pretty! I love how you mixed the pieces!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks, Jennifer! I just looked at all my clothes that have ruffles and lace and tried to think of new ways to put them together.

  2. linda

    I love the way you shook this dress up and layered the lace top over it. Nice touch!! Fabulous Style!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you, Linda! I don’t think I’ll ever wear this dress on its own again!

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