Resort 2011 Nautical: Fashioned

Now that you’ve pulled the nautical clothes from your closet, let’s fashion them into some outfits!  For inspiration, we’ll look at Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2011 Collection.

If you have a sweater with nautical-stripes, you can pair it with white shorts for a casual look.  Top off the outfit with a bright beaded bracelet and sandals.  For a similar look, try jean shorts with any nautical-stripes top.

If you have a dress with nautical stripes, try adding a silver or gold belt for a little bit of bling.

How do you style your nautical clothes?

*Many thanks to Ashley for the photography in this post!*


  1. Linda McGinty

    My favorite nautical sweater is by Jones of New York. I love it the fabric is jersey and it has gold sailor accent buttons. When I modeled I had a fun sailor cap I wore for shoots!! Good times!

  2. Jennifer

    That sounds fun!

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