Measurements for the A-Line Skirt

I took my measurements for the A-line skirt, did some easy math, and ended up with numbers for drawing my pattern. This pattern only needs five measurements, which you can read about in Cal Patch’s book, Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified.

To start off, I put on a denim miniskirt that sits on my waist right where I want my new skirt to sit. I used the waist measurements from that skirt, but I extended the length by a few inches. I might shorten it by an inch or two later, but I want to make sure I can wear it without leggings underneath.

The sweep is the measurement for the bottom hem of the skirt. Because I want my skirt to more closely resemble a denim miniskirt, I went with the minimum sweep that Cal recommended for an A-line skirt.

I had to draw dots at my waist and hip to figure out the waist-to-hip measurement. It was also tricky because my widest hip measurement spanned a few inches vertically. I went with the hip measurement closer to my waist. If I went with a hip measurement farther from my waist, I think the skirt would be too tight as it tapered from my hip to my waist.

The math was simple – just adding ease, or “room”, in certain measurements, and then dividing those numbers to get quarter measurements. In the end, I had the five numbers I needed to draw my A-line skirt pattern.

I highly recommend taking measurements in front of a mirror. Using a skirt I owned as a jumping off point for measurements helped, too. The most exciting part of this process was making design decisions, such as where I wanted the waist to sit and how long I wanted the skirt to be. I can think of so many variations of A-line skirts that I want to make now!