How to Tie Your Wardrobe Together

I realized that if I wanted to create a cohesive wardrobe, I needed a base color to tie the clothes together.  Jeans seem to be the staple neutral for most outfits, but jeans don’t work when I want to dress up. I also wear jeans to work, so sometimes I get tired of wearing them at home or when I go out.

Neutral colors matter in most wardrobes because they’ll coordinate with almost every other color. As a result, you’ll have more options to choose from when you put outfits together. A lot of people like black or brown, and others would rather wear gray or navy. I’ve learned over the years that I like wearing white, and it suddenly occurred to me that white could be the neutral base for my wardrobe.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

If you want to figure out which neutrals fit your personal style, one way you can do this is by making a Pinterest board. Add clothes to it that you wish you owned, or clothes that you own and like to wear, and look for a common color theme. On my LC Lauren Conrad Wish List board, I noticed that among the blues, greens, and pinks, I had a fair amount of white. It made perfect sense to me that I would embrace my personal style by using white as a neutral.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Once you figure out which neutrals you want to focus on, you can make a list of basic items that would work well in your wardrobe. Think about tops, jackets, shorts, skirts, pants, shoes, bags, scarves, hats… anything you would normally want to wear.

The white clothes I already own and like to wear are a cardigan with crochet detail, lacy top, faux fur jacket, floral pencil jeans, nautical shorts, and a nautical jacket. My wish list includes camisoles, strappy sandals, and a denim mini skirt. If I get some pants in trendy colors, I’ll also want some white tops to pair with them. A not quite as practical, but much wanted, addition would be white furry boots. I could probably get some use from comfortable heels, too.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Which neutrals fit your personal style? Let me know in the comments section, and if you make a Pinterest board to explore your style, link up to it!