Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Thrifted

Do you know your style – the clothes that are “you”?  I asked myself that question as I wandered around a thrift store last month.  Eventually, I remembered that I wanted a purse for the fall.  As I looked through the racks, I saw a couple that were “maybes”, many that were “definitely not!”, and then, one that was “me!”  The dark gray wool and black leather straps have a smart appearance that appeals to me.

The purse also fits with the Marc by Marc Jacobs theme we’ve been putting together in the past few posts.  Although many of the runway handbags were made of leather and canvas, the hats were made of a softer fabric, like my purse.  Gray was not predominately featured on the runway, but it fits into an autumn color scheme.  When you interpret a theme to fit your style, you’ll get a creative and personalized look.

What have you bought that just seemed like “you”?


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