Equestrian Prep

I’m crazy about the clothes that Tommy Hilfiger put in his ad for Elle Magazine’s September issue. I’ve never been much of a prep girl, but now I feel like I want to reinvent my entire look this season. The warm colors and textured fabrics are pulling me in. I even got my hair cut like one of the model’s haircuts today – but that was because my hair was out of control, not because of the clothes. Well, maybe a little because of the clothes. Now I want a new wardrobe to match my hair!

Here is a link and another one to pictures of Tommy Hilfiger ads, although some of the layouts are different than the ones in Elle.

I’m dreaming about wool pants, cozy knits, quilted vests, and the elusive riding boots that have yet to make an appearance in my closet. What do you think of the equestrian prep look?

Here’s my new haircut!

New Haircut


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