Dress with Boots: Inspired by Glee

My green dress is so versatile that I can wear it in every season.  Recently, I had the idea to wear it with my brown boots.  Then I read Glee’s blog post about wearing brown riding boots with an Indian summer dress.  Inspired, I put this outfit on the next day!

What fashion ideas have you had lately?

P.S. Here are links to some dresses and boots that would pair well together.

Mossimo Women’s Shirred Dress w/Tie Back – Copperhead – M with:

Mossimo Supply Co. Brown Kayanna Wmn Riding Boot – 8.

Adi Designs Juniors’ Long-sleeve Sweater Dress – Ivory L with:

Women’s Mossimo Kristen Boot – Black 7



  1. I love this ensemble because it’s a mix of random! The dress is a classic yet vibrant. The belt looks vintage a smart thrift find. The boots are edgy… LOVE IT!!

    • Linda, I almost bought the dress in gray because of its classic cut, but I’m so glad I chose the green one! You are such a fashion expert. Thanks for your encouragement about the outfit!

  2. This is a very cute outfit, dear. I love that green dress and I like that you found the right boots to go with it. Paired with your brown riding boots, you have created a military smart look. 🙂

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