Classic Style: New Look #3

Dress up and celebrate in a classic style with a sateen sheath dress, soft white scarf, and black patent heels.

Apt. 9 Sateen Sheath Dress

Merona Ivory Solid Pashmina Scarf

Mossimo Black Black Viviana Patent Platform Pump - 7.5

What do you think of this outfit?  Would you wear it?


  1. Robyn

    Dress: love. Too short for tall me, though, alas. Pashmina: also love. Shoes: I’d be like 6’5” and topple right over, so no go on those. 🙂 I’m subscribing to your blog, Jen – someone has to keep me fashion-consious now that I’m leaving the daily fashion show of NYC.

  2. Jennifer

    I remember you telling me awhile ago that you don’t like to wear high heels, so I’ll post more pictures of flats and low heels for you. You’ll have to fill me in about that daily fashion show. Thanks for subscribing!

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