Changing Like the Seasons

My house is a mess. A half-boxed, half-strewn about mess. My husband and I are moving on Friday into a house of our very own! Well, after 30 years of payments, it will be, but at least we can paint the walls.

One perk about my new house is its location – about 10 minutes from Kohl’s, and therefore about 10 minutes from LC Lauren Conrad clothes. If you’re hesitant to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you like her style, check out the clearance racks. You can find great deals, like 50% off the perfect sweater for this chilly weather.

I’m not a fan of winter, and I’m not a fan of Florida temps dropping into the 60s at night like they are right now. I’ve even been a little chilly in my house in the mornings and evenings, and I’m currently wearing the softest, warmest, pants I own. I sleep in them during the super cold winter months. I’m a little too hot in them right now because it’s still summer in Florida, but they’re so comfortable.

I got a compliment on the color of my work shirt today. It’s deep purple and one of the best colors to wear with my hair and skin color. I read that everyone’s invited to wear purple this Wednesday in support of a particular cause, and it made me wonder why we wear colors to support something. Wearing a certain color doesn’t accomplish anything concrete. Maybe it gives a feeling of being part of a team, like wearing colors for sports teams. Whatever the reason, I think I’d feel encouraged if a bunch of people wore a particular color just to support me.

Moving has made me think about change. For the first time, we’re buying a house. We have pet fish, but we’re going to add a kitten and a puppy. New opportunities opened up for me yesterday to pursue a longtime dream in performing arts. This major move into a house of our own makes it seem like a good season to make changes to just about everything we’re doing.

What’s going on with you? Any life changes in this changing of the seasons?