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Butterfly Blouse and Thrift Store Jeans

I practically jumped up and down in a Goodwill dressing room today.

LC Lauren Conrad Butterfly Chiffon Blouse

Black Pleated Skirt

Black Pleated Skirt

I finally found a pleated skirt at a thrift store a couple of days ago!

Black Pleated Skirt

Thrift Store Sweaters

I made a long-anticipated trip to the thrift store today with the hopes of finding equestrian prep styles of clothes. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything of the sort, but it was still a great shopping day.

Thrifting at the Office

I got a bonus at work today – clothes!

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Thrifted

Do you know your style – the clothes that are “you”?  I asked myself that question as I wandered around a thrift store last month.  Eventually, I remembered that I wanted a purse for the fall.  As I looked through the racks, I saw a couple that were “maybes”, many that were “definitely not!”, and then, one that was…

Thrifted: Gray Cover Up

One of my fashionable friends adds a new addition to her wardrobe every month.  She also shops for clothes that are on sale.  Feeling that my wardrobe needed some updates, I decided to adopt her approach.  I found out a few months ago that a local Goodwill tends to have some great dresses and shirts, so I headed there yesterday.  After an hour of trying on dresses and tops, I decided to buy this gray cover up with a built-in shirt-front.

I didn’t like the shirt-front, though.  It was too short, and I really just wanted the cover up.  So when I got home, out came the scissors!