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A-Line Skirt Project

The A-line skirt seems like the perfect way to start designing clothes because of its simplicity.

Patternmaking Supplies for Beginners

Patternmaking Supplies

Ready, steady, go! One of my friends likes to use this phrase when we’re tackling projects. Today we’re going to focus on the “ready” stage by gathering the supplies we need for our first patternmaking project.

Patternmaking Supplies

Three Awesome Reasons to Make Your Own Clothes

too long jeans

While watching the movie Devil Wears Prada several years ago, I learned that fashion is art we live our lives in. Impressed by that thought and by some of the outfits worn by Andrea, Anne Hathaway’s character, I started exploring runway fashion. I quickly discovered that I wanted to own every piece in Marc by Marc Jacob’s collection and a Balenciaga hat that season. But, even without looking up the designers’ websites, I knew the price ranges for those clothes would far exceed my budget. That’s the year I began to dream about making my own clothes.