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Five Steps to a Focused Style

For years, I had a mismatch of clothes in my closet. I shopped sporadically and picked up an item here and a couple others there, with the end result being a collection of tops I couldn’t wear with any of the bottoms, and a collection of bottoms I couldn’t wear with any of the shoes. …

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Fabric for A-Line Skirt

white denim

I went back to Jo-Ann Fabrics with 40% and 50% off coupons to buy fabric for my first A-line skirt and for the muslin, or prototype, skirt. I’m so indecisive and unsure of what I’m doing with patternmaking and sewing that I spent about two hours looking at fabrics.

turquoise corduroy

Measurements for the A-Line Skirt

I took my measurements for the A-line skirt, did some easy math, and ended up with numbers for drawing my pattern. This pattern only needs five measurements…

A-Line Skirt Fabric Search

Black Gold Metallic Denim

Rarely do I find the fabric I’m looking for when I go to the fabric store. My trip to look for white denim for an A-line skirt was no exception, but I did find fabric that (a) I like, (b) will fit into my wardrobe, and (c) will probably not be too complicated to sew.

Glitter Dark Wash Metallic Denim

A-Line Skirt Project

The A-line skirt seems like the perfect way to start designing clothes because of its simplicity.

Patternmaking Supplies for Beginners

Patternmaking Supplies

Ready, steady, go! One of my friends likes to use this phrase when we’re tackling projects. Today we’re going to focus on the “ready” stage by gathering the supplies we need for our first patternmaking project.

Patternmaking Supplies

Three Awesome Reasons to Make Your Own Clothes

too long jeans

While watching the movie Devil Wears Prada several years ago, I learned that fashion is art we live our lives in. Impressed by that thought and by some of the outfits worn by Andrea, Anne Hathaway’s character, I started exploring runway fashion. I quickly discovered that I wanted to own every piece in Marc by Marc Jacob’s collection and a Balenciaga hat that season. But, even without looking up the designers’ websites, I knew the price ranges for those clothes would far exceed my budget. That’s the year I began to dream about making my own clothes.

How to Tie Your Wardrobe Together

I realized that if I wanted to create a cohesive wardrobe, I needed a base color to tie the clothes together.  Jeans seem to be the staple neutral for most outfits, but jeans don’t work when I want to dress up. I also wear jeans to work, so sometimes I get tired of wearing them at home or when I go out.

Neutral colors matter in most wardrobes because they’ll coordinate with almost every other color.

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