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Fall 2011 D&G: From the Runway

D&G‘s Fall 2011 collection features young, fun, and playful designs.  Unexpected combinations liven the look even more.  Browse the collection and pay attention to:

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: From the Runway

Marc by Marc Jacobs for Fall 2011 embodies my two favorite themes of fall fashion – rich, autumnal colors and  luxurious fabrics.  Looking at the collection, your first reaction might be that you have nothing remotely similar in your closet.  After all, Marc Jacobs is a genius in his unique approach to fashion.  To look like you strolled off of his runway, you would actually need to be wearing the clothes he designed – which would be fantastic!  However, for those of us with smaller budgets, a comparable look can be achieved through…

From the Runway: Straw Hats

From wide-brimmed and floppy to trim and prim, straw hats graced Spring and Resort 2011 runways:

Trina Turk (Spring)

Marc Jacobs (Spring)

Chanel (Resort)

Marc Jacobs (Resort)

My mother-in-law handed down to me a wonderfully wide-brimmed and floppy hat just in time for end-of-summer socials.

Maybe you have a brand new hat, but if you have a hand-me-down hat, one bought from a thrift store, or one shoved in the back of your closet, pull it out!  It’s time for a quick remodel.

Resort 2011 Nautical: Fashioned

Now that you’ve pulled the nautical clothes from your closet, let’s fashion them into some outfits!  For inspiration, we’ll look at…

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