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From the Runway: Straw Hats

From wide-brimmed and floppy to trim and prim, straw hats graced Spring and Resort 2011 runways:

Trina Turk (Spring)

Marc Jacobs (Spring)

Chanel (Resort)

Marc Jacobs (Resort)

My mother-in-law handed down to me a wonderfully wide-brimmed and floppy hat just in time for end-of-summer socials.

Maybe you have a brand new hat, but if you have a hand-me-down hat, one bought from a thrift store, or one shoved in the back of your closet, pull it out!  It’s time for a quick remodel.

Resort 2011 Nautical: Fashioned

Now that you’ve pulled the nautical clothes from your closet, let’s fashion them into some outfits!  For inspiration, we’ll look at…

Resort 2011 Nautical: My Closet

Does anyone else think that the nautical theme seems to stick around?  When I was in the 6th grade, one of my friends bought me beautiful white enamel anchor earrings with gold-colored trim.  Since then, I’ve often noticed anchors and boats and seagulls in color combos of blue and white.  This year’s resort look embraces the nautical trend, according to…

Summer 2011

Welcome to Fashion Your Closet!  This blog is for those who appreciate runway fashion but live on a lower budget when it comes to the items in their closets.  In this blog, you’ll find overviews of seasonal trends and ways to style them with items from your own closet, local thrift store, or favorite shopping site. I’ll also highlight others’ personal styles, so stay tuned for your chance to showcase your style.  You can check out the…