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Washington, D.C., Fashion Trends

The current fashion trends in Washington, D.C., stood out to me over a recent four day trip.

Mossimo Supply Co Juniors Skinny Denim - Teal

Classic Style: New Look #3

Dress up and celebrate in a classic style with a…

Classic Style: New Look #2

For a classic style that’s comfortable enough to lounge around at home or run errands in, pull on…

Classic Style: New Look #1

If you’re looking for a new look to update the classic style of clothes in your closet, mix in…

What is My Style?

Can you tell by a glance into your closet what fashion style you favor?  Maybe it’s obvious, and your closet is full of classic pieces.  Or maybe half of your clothes are romantic and half are bohemian.  Some of you might have thought a dozen times…

Missoni: Winter Hats and Scarves

It’s time to dig out your winter hats and scarves from your closet – if you haven’t already!  On this first day of December, cold winds are blowing, even in some southern states.

If you’ve collected winter apparel over the years and now have a great selection of hats and scarves, you might be ready for snow.  However, if you have a pile of mismatched items or want a new look this season…

Fall 2011 D&G: From the Runway

D&G‘s Fall 2011 collection features young, fun, and playful designs.  Unexpected combinations liven the look even more.  Browse the collection and pay attention to:

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Fashioned

Now that you’ve gathered your clothes and accessories, it’s time to fashion them into outfits!  Remember, even if you don’t have the amazing clothes in Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2011 collection, you can still pattern your outfits after the general look.

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Thrifted

Do you know your style – the clothes that are “you”?  I asked myself that question as I wandered around a thrift store last month.  Eventually, I remembered that I wanted a purse for the fall.  As I looked through the racks, I saw a couple that were “maybes”, many that were “definitely not!”, and then, one that was…

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Accessories

Accessories are a necessity for completing most looks.  Here are some ideas from Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2011 collection:

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