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Work Clothes and Banishing the Blues

When I look in my closet to find a shirt to wear for work, my color choices mostly consist of royal blue, light blue, sky blue, and cobalt blue.

Tee: License Juniors Owl Graphic Tee: Blue

Missoni: Winter Hats and Scarves

It’s time to dig out your winter hats and scarves from your closet – if you haven’t already!  On this first day of December, cold winds are blowing, even in some southern states.

If you’ve collected winter apparel over the years and now have a great selection of hats and scarves, you might be ready for snow.  However, if you have a pile of mismatched items or want a new look this season…

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Thrifted

Do you know your style – the clothes that are “you”?  I asked myself that question as I wandered around a thrift store last month.  Eventually, I remembered that I wanted a purse for the fall.  As I looked through the racks, I saw a couple that were “maybes”, many that were “definitely not!”, and then, one that was…

Fall 2011 Marc by Marc Jacobs: Accessories

Accessories are a necessity for completing most looks.  Here are some ideas from Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2011 collection: