A-Line Skirt Fabric Search

Rarely do I find the fabric I’m looking for when I go to the fabric store. My trip to look for white denim for an A-line skirt was no exception, but I did find fabric that (a) I like, (b) will fit into my wardrobe, and (c) will probably not be too complicated to sew.

I searched through the denim section first and found two metallic fabrics that I thought might work. The black gold metallic denim closely matched the look of metallic denims I’ve seen in stores recently, but it was very thin, and the underside felt scratchy.

Black Gold Metallic Denim

Black Gold Metallic Denim

Even though the glitter dark wash still wasn’t as thick as I’d like, the underside felt softer. I also liked the prominence of the gold flecks.

Glitter Dark Wash Metallic Denim

Glitter Dark Wash Metallic Denim

Eventually, I want to make a skirt from this beautiful brocade. I think this fabric would need a lining, though, and I need to master basic sewing skills before I tackle a skirt lining.

Blue Brocade

Blue, Gold, and Pink Brocade

Whenever I learn how to make wraparound skirts, these tie-dye fabrics will be perfect. I’d like to wear them to the beach.

Tie-Dye Fabric 1

Tie-Dye Fabric 1

Tie Dye Fabric 2

Tie Dye Fabric 2

After considering my wardrobe and my current sewing skills, I decided to make my first A-line skirt from the glitter dark wash denim. I thought it would go with a white tank top with gold flecks that I own, but it turns out the tank top has silver flecks. Can I mix silver and gold?

metallic tank top

Metallic Tank Top

I know the skirt will at least match my white high tops with gold buckles.

metallic high tops

Metallic High Tops

If you were going to make an A-line skirt, what fabric would you choose?



  1. I would go straight for the tie-dyes and batiks, and I would totally wear the gold with the silver sparkles. However, if what you really want is a brocade skirt I would go for it. Life is too short to sew things you don’t actually want to wear.

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