31 Days of Fall Fashion

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What do you like about fall fashion? I especially like the fabrics that are uncommon during the warmer months. Velvet, tweed, and fur make my heart skip a beat.

Runway fashion inspires me. In their own unique ways, designers make clothes look like pieces of art. By browsing through runway pictures, I discover new ways to wear clothes I already own.

For the next 31 days, I’m going to share with you trends from the fall runways. You might find many of them in your closet, and others you can pick up at your favorite clothing or thrift stores. Following the trends doesn’t mean following the masses if you incorporate them into your personal style. Instead, trends will keep your look current and give you a boost of creativity for your wardrobe.

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Day 1: Ruffles and Lace

Day 2: High Ruffled Neckline

Day 3: Gray Knits

Day 4: Flirty Shoes

Day 5: Black and White Blocking

Day 6: Metallics

Day 7: Pleated Skirt